Thx Heafenly barangnya dah diterima. Hari ini Order besok sampai. Top banget. Maju Terus yah *Wink Wink*
By: Vera

Sudah Diterima

Sis Barangnya sudah diterima Barangnya bagus Saya nobatkan sis sebagai RECOMMENDED SELLER Sukses terus sis =)
By: Ernawati


Sis, PO sudah diterima yah. Thank you. Barangnya bagus sis. Recommended seller deh Heafenly =)
By: Linda

Short Sleeveless Sexy Lace Dress - HF-121886

Product Information

  • Material:lace+Chiffon
  • Outside
  • Length:75cm
  • Bust:72cm can stretch to 88cm
  • Hem:86cm
  • Sleeve Length:19cm
  • Cuff:40cm
  • Within:
  • Length:60cm(Excluding strap)
  • Bust:66cm can stretch to 86cm
  • Hem:82cm

Rp135.000 tax incl.


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